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Continuing in 2019, Mile Hi Skydiving has the training programs you need to improve your skills. Whether you are a new jumper off student status or a seasoned pro looking for that extra something we have the staff and the schools to take you from a novice to a World Champion.

Canopy flight instructor Jimmy Tranter will be continuing the Mile-Hi canopy school. With programs like Essential Skills, Advanced 1, Advanced 2, and the new Air-to-Air flight performance curriculum, Mile-Hi's canopy school is arguably one of the highest regarded and most advanced canopy training programs available. To schedule classes, check the events schedule on our website and email info@milehiskydiving.com.

Relative Work - RW
Mile Hi will be hosting the Colorado Skydiving League 4 way FS meets along with several "Big Way" camps with Jim McCormick. If you are interested in attending any "Big Way" training, Jim and Mile Hi Skydiving will be holding several camps to help new jumpers and old pros work on their formation skills. Mile Hi will post dates under the events page on our site. Please contact Jim McCormick at jim@takerisks.com to get on the already growing list.

Mail us! or call MILE-HI SKYDIVING CENTER at
303-SKYDIVE (759-3483)